About the Client

The app idea is based on the Questions&Answers functionality. The main objective of the application's business is formed around the engagement of users who need to find answers to their questions quickly and users who are competent enough in their field to be able to answer those queries.

The Challenge

Being a mobile-first product, QuePro required a solid UX/UI strategy and implementation with the help of a strong code foundation that would allow for scaling and adding more functionality in the future.

Technologies used

Our Solution

We were able to produce a sustainable design for the application as well as finish the application's development part.

The development part included a big chunk of work.

The application had to go through a process of rigorous testing in order to provide a stable experience flow for the users and thus ensuring higher engagement rates within the app. Our QA team had to work through a huge set of use cases and scenarios to make sure that the application is working flawlessly and indeed helps users.

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