We encourage our clients to avail themselves of our software prototyping solutions when seeking an ideal method for refining functionality, setting correct project priorities, and detecting potential issues.

Independent Quality Assurance offers a threefold benefit

The opportunity to simulate the business's automation process for full analysis of the process

The chance to improve a system in which a business can dramatically depend upon: The software system.

Prototyping allows for the verification of workflows and smooth operation. It also allows for an assessment on a product's user friendliness before investing larger sums of money into the project.

Prototyping allows a business to more accurately establish goals, to protect software development investments and to be more realistic as well as accurate in predicting the schedule of deliverables.

Obstructions in communication and misunderstandings can be avoided and, as such, so can potential losses. When you partake of prototyping solutions, you pay for necessary features on an as needed basis. Even better, you can examine how such features affect performance.

What we deliver

Clickable wireframes

It does not matter what the complexity, we can create wireframes for just about any software system. We invite you to depend on our vast skills and profound experience in business logic modeling, crosscheck vital software features, and application mechanics before the development of a project commences.

Designed interface

Our group has a team of graphic designers that deliver exceptional GUI for an app when the project reaches its final stage of development.

This allows us to follow through to the end stages of your project and to give your project a feel and look that is complete and unifi

Static sketches/mockups

A time saving and cost effective method put into place in an effort to avoid any development team misunderstandings. We establish a static app model that describes the features of your project and concentrates on the chief interdependence identified between app modules.


To ensure certain elements are emphasized and included, we make the specifications for your future system highly detailed. The documentation will meet the set standard of excellence established by our QA team.

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